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  • Balance — one of life’s biggest mysteries. One minute, it seems that time, love, friendships, work and dreams make perfect sense. The next minute, things are hectic or falling apart. Achieving and attaining harmony in life, is essential, and the military lifestyle, albeit a beauti...
  • For years, I’ve been referred to as secretive. (I prefer private.)   And I figure today, I will not post from a distance. Meaning, I will not post about what I want to feel, or how I want you to feel. This won’t be a post about my books, characters, or random facts. I’ll wri...
  • April 14
    Posted by rh ramsey
    ( "Two Green Chairs," a short story from Undone: excerpts, short stories and other musings, sheds light upon the greatest betrayal, the most heartbreaking loss, told through the eyes of a woman whose life was stolen in the blink of an eye. Based on a true story) Two Green Chairs   Left me th...
  • It finally happened. It wasn't just a question of forgetting where I put the keys, or my wallet, or where I'd parked the car. I apparently forgot the events of an entire family vacation."Parenting Brain" is one thing, but this forgetfulness is driving me crazy.It's getting to the point I don't even...

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