A Week of Menu Ideas - Sloppy Joes, Stir Fry, and Sweet Potato

  • We spent one day this weekend in the city of Orange. There is the little "historic" area and right in the center is a traffic circle with a fountain and benches and small grass areas and lots of trees. .

    I could see myself sitting here most of the day if I lived in this neighborhood!!!
    But, we were really there to have high tea at this tea house called Paris in a Cup. It was really nice and a lot of fun. We go to high tea every year for Miss No-No's birthday - it's our little celebratory moment before the madness of the actual birthday party kicks into full gear.

    This year, she is turning FIVE!!! (Holy man! Where has the time gone?!??!?!)

    I got some awesome greens (from one of Miss No-No's friend's parents) and then some great looking baby bok choy (from Costco), and beautiful kale (from the farmers' market)...so we are having LOTS of greens this week!
    Here's what I am planning for dinner this week:
    Monday Stir Frywith Bok Choy
    {From thekitchn.com} Chow Mien or Glass Noodles Quick Sauteed Kale
    Tuesday Tempeh Sloppy Joes (1) Smashed Potatoes Fruit Salad
    Thursday Garden Burgers Sweet Potato Fries Veggie / Fruit Skewers
    Friday Miss NoNo's Choice (2)
    Saturday Pasta Dinner Salad with Homemade Crutons
    Sunday Dinner Out
    Notes: 1. Tempeh Sloppy Joes - I use this recipe (from Rachael Ray) and just substitute tempeh for the meat and then omit any other dairy / meat products. I used to make this recipe using the vegetarian style crumbles, but substituting tempeh is sooooo much better for you!! (: 2. Friday is Miss No-No's Birthday! She gets to pick what she wants to eat and she hasn't decided yet!!

    What are you planning for the week??? More later! (: