Finding Coupons

  • I have struggled for almost a year on getting all the coupons that Sunday Coupon Preview says we should get in our weekly papers.  At the beginning of 2012, I decided no more!  I started ordering whole inserts from Insert Insanity.  They are located in Florida.  Some of the coupons are specifically for the area (like coupons for Goody’s asprin and store coupons that are regional), but those are like 2 pages of coupons from the bulk of them and the rest I can use.

    I started searching and found several other sites you can also use for inserts.  Because coupon values are different throughout the country, you’ll need to do some trials to see what works for you.  If you already use one of these sites, or know of more, let me know how you like them and I’ll add it to the list.