2012 Top 10 Yummy Mummies

    What is a Yummy Mummy?

    A Yummy Mummy is a mom who's earned the love of her family and close friends, because of her
    motherly love, attributes, and hard work.

    This award will be given to the mummy (mommy) who's kids, husband, friends, family, think she absolutely
    deserves it.

    How does it work:

    We all write blogs about our lives from our perspective. This award will be slightly different. This time,
    your husbands, kids, family, relatives, friends, or boyfriends, will tell us about you and why you deserve to be a
    Yummy Mummy by creating a post on your site (they may have to give you the post for you to enter it) with the
    answer to the following question:

    In at least 3 sentences, please tell us why you think this Mummy deserves a Yummy Mummy Award?


    1) Post the answer to the above question on your blog
    2) Create a direct link below to that post
    3) Wait until May 13th for voting to start
    4) Register for voiceBoks as this is a voiceBoks Award

    What the winner gets:

    The winner will receive a spot that will be in the 2012 awards section of voiceBoks for the lifetime of the site.
    Every year, voiceBoks will recognize their top categorized blogs and place them in their top 10. Regardless of
    how many entries there are, the number will always be 10. Each year, we will place along side the award, the
    number of entries there were for these spots. Each winner will also receive a full interview page and a 2012
    Top 10 Yummy Mummy Award badge.

    In addition, 10 will win the award, but the first place winner will gain a Portal Mama spot in the Main Page of
    WikiMommy for 2 months.

    Good luck and we hope to see your link below!