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Vote for Your 2012 Top 10 Foodie Blog Choice

    How good do you think these foodie blogs are? Let them know by casting your vote now!

    We are looking for the Top 10 Foodie Blogs of 2012 and the new WikiMommy Foodie Portal Mama
    to help promote and improve their recognition and placement in the Blogosphere. Please support
    their blogs by giving them a chance to be among the top 10!

    What the winner gets:

    The winner will receive a spot that will be in the 2012 awards section of voiceBoks for the lifetime
    of the site. Every year, voiceBoks will recognize their top categorized blogs and place them in their
    top 10. Regardless of how many entries there are, the number will always be 10. Each year, we will
    place along side the award, the number of entries there were for these spots. Each winner will also
    receive a full interview page and a 2012 Top 10 Foodie Blog Award badge.

    In addition, 10 will win the award, but the first place winner will receive the Portal Mama spot in
    the WikiMommy Food Portal for 2 months.

Voting Ends April 13, 2012 11:59PM PST